Fisher Wells create a range of panels and tools for artists. Our work centres around using traditional materials with the benefit of modern technology. Made in Melbourne by artists for artists, we have been producing art materials for sale for over a decade.

You can purchase our panels and art tools at St Luke artists colourmen in Collingwood, VIC

Art material stores can also stock Fisher Wells products by contacting our national distributor Langridge Artist Colours

We also sell our pens and metalpoint tools directly from this site. Just click on the image of the product you are interested in for more information.

traditional gesso panels

Traditional gesso panels have an ivory like painting and drawing surface for superior mark making. Our panels are made with genuine traditional gesso using hide glue and English whiting.

5" x 7"

RRP $12.00

8" x 10"

RRP $14.00

seamless painting panels

A lightweight, contemporary panel for artists. The unique design ensures the panels are dimensionally stable & geometrically accurate, with a virtually invisible joint between the painting face & cradle. Ready for the artist to apply the ground of their choice.

There are six Seamless Painting Panel sizes for sale:

8" x 10"

RRP $16.95

10" x 12"

RRP $20.95

12" x 16"

RRP $28.95

10" x 10"

RRP $18.95

12" x 12"

RRP $22.95

14" x 14"

RRP $28.95

metalpoint tools

Silverpoint and Copperpoint pens allow for a precise, fine line drawing technique. Drawings are made by moving the silver or copper wire across a surface prepared with gesso or primer which leaves a mark of microscopic metal particles. These metalpoint pens are handcrafted using a variety of environmentally sustainable woods.

Drawing nib & ink pens

We make our Nib and Ink pens, also known as Dip pens, for drawing with a longer handle. This allows for a greater range and scale of gestures than smaller calligraphy pens. All of our pens come with a nib suitable for drawing.

The size and type of wood for Nib Pens vary. Each pen is handcrafted using a variety of environmentally sustainable woods.


Mahlsticks are a traditional art tool used by painters to support or steady the hand holding the paintbrush, without smudging the artwork they are working on. This allows artists to work on detail, or apply straight lines when painting.

The size and type of wood for Mahlsticks vary. There are two sizes of Mahlstick for sale.