drawing nib pens

We make our Nib and Ink pens, also known as Dip pens, for drawing with a longer handle. This allows for a greater range and scale of gestures than smaller calligraphy pens. All of our pens come with a nib suitable for drawing. These pens are handcrafted using a variety of environmentally sustainable woods.

Refer below for further technical information.

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You can purchase our art tools at select art material shops. There are links to our stockist’s online stores below the products. More stockists are listed on our stockists page.


Art material stores can become a Fisher Wells art tools stockist by contacting us directly at info@fisherwells.com.au

Drawing Nib Pen SHORT

Wood colour may vary 170mm – 210mm

RRP $48.40


Drawing Nib Pen Long

Wood colour may vary 280mm – 380mm

RRP $52.80


drawing nib pens – technical information

Dip pens are versatile and often overlooked drawing tools. They can be used with inks, dyes, pigmented inks, and even water based paints and oils with a bit of experimentation. We turn the pens with smooth wood shafts similar to paint brush handles so that they can be held anywhere along the handle and we make the slightly thicker and a bit longer so a greater sweep or stroke of mark can be made.

Lengths vary depending on the wood selected for each pen but are generally longer than a calligraphy pen. The finished product allows artists to vary their mark-making with angles of the hand, and grip, slight changes in pressure, and different strokes of the pen.

Fisher Wells create their pens by attaching a quality ink stainless steel nib into polished hand turned wooden shafts.

Sizes of the pens vary depending on the wood selected. Each pen is handcrafted. The wooden shaft is turned using a variety of environmentally sustainable woods.