A lightweight, contemporary panel for artists. The unique design makes the panels dimensionally stable & geometrically accurate, with a virtually invisible joint between the painting face & cradle.

We created the seamless panel because as artists we were unhappy with the inherent problems that current commercial panels have.  Cradled or chassis panels generally use thin veneer plywood glued to a timber frame. Wood expands and contracts along its grain. In some circumstances this can cause cracking and delamination of paint films as they dry.

Fibreboards don’t have this grain problem. By making the entire panel from one piece of board, expansion and contraction rate issues are resolved. All of the panels use eco friendly, ultra low emission EO grade fibreboard. Refer below for further technical information.

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You can purchase our panels and art tools at select art material shops. There are links to our stockist’s online stores below the products. More stockists are listed on our stockists page.


Art material stores can become a Fisher Wells stockist by contacting our national distributor Langridge Artist Colours or by contacting us directly at

8" x 10"

RRP $16.95

10" x 12"

RRP $20.95

12" x 16"

RRP $28.95

10" x 10"

RRP $18.95

12" x 12"

RRP $22.95

14" x 14"

RRP $28.95

seamless painting panels – technical information

The Seamless Painting Panels are made into a three-dimensional box-like structure using our unique and registered design. The design ensures that the panels are geometrically accurate, and create an aesthetically appealing panel that appears to be without joins or seams. The panels are made with 6mm EO grade fibreboard, and light to hold and hang, and are ready for you to apply the ground of your choice.

The panels are shrink-wrapped to protect the surface for sale and delivery, and need to be handled with a certain amount of care (as common-sense would dictate). As with canvases and any other panel, dropping or rough treatment may cause damage to the structure or marking of the surface.

Also, as with any other support structures for painting and drawing, i.e. paper, canvas, etc., they should not be kept in a moist environment.

As with any other timber panels, once an artwork is finished it is good practice to seal the back of the panel with shellac or an acrylic sealer. This will help protect the panel for years to come.


Fisher Wells have recorded the size of the panels in inches and mms on the labels.

8” x 10”Seamless Painting Panels203mm x 254mmSeamless Painting Panels203mm x 254mm
10” x 12”Seamless Painting Panels254mm x 305mm32mm depth panelsEach panel is sold individually
12” x 16”Seamless Painting Panels305mm x 406mm32mm depth panelsEach panel is sold individually
10” x 10”Seamless Painting Panels254mm x 254mm32mm depth panelsEach panel is sold individually
12” x 12”Seamless Painting Panels254mm x 305mm32mm depth panelsEach panel is sold individually
14” x 14”Seamless Painting Panels356mm x 356mm32mm depth panelsEach panel is sold individually